BC Robbins  

Art Studio

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Final Days, 2023, Hand embroidered silver thread on black velvet with vintage tassel border.

Created during the final days of life with my mother  30” x 9”

     I then moved on to my next project, Waterfall Screen, an abstract waterfall painting on a triptych screen. Each section of the screen measures 71” x 18”. Three panels of sheer black fabric were sewn and fitted to cover each area of the tri-fold metal screen. A free-flowing painting using white lines was created on the black fabric using positive and negative space to create the illusion of a waterfall. I knew the next step in my creative process would be to combine my two projects.

     Drowning in Duplicity is a series of four photo triptychs displayed one over the other to create one vertical piece measuring 8 feet high x 4 feet wide. The twelve 16” x 20” photos printed on canvas portray my fear of getting into water over my head, both physically and mentally. On a conceptual level, it expresses my nightmare of drowning in a world where communication between two opposing ideologies cannot compromise to help save our planet and the rights of the people living on it.

Three Graces, 2023, Triptych mirrors. Painted with white and black oil-based enamel, each panel 43.5” x 13”

     Duplicity: three paintings on sheer white fabric show a left and a right side of the same subject matter of abstract water flow but are opposites. Positive and negative spaces are explored and displayed in each panel. I used my creative process, Brush Stroke Meditation, to complete these works. I slow down my overactive mind by focusing on one line at a time. The semi-transparent background of sheer white fabric helps create an ethereal atmosphere where mediation can occur.

This show is open during school hours. You will need permission to enter the building if you are not a member of The Masters School. Please call:

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     Waterfalls are a destination that many, like me, seek out for their beauty and meditative effect. The sights and sound of water toppling down over rock can comfort and inspire. The energy they omit can enlighten yet sometimes feel overwhelming. Stepping into one can feel breathtaking and dangerous all at once.

     In the summer of 2023, I was startled by the flooding occurring in many areas of our world, some of which were reaching closer to home. I imagined a waterfall pounding down with tremendous force, rapidly eroding its surroundings. My thoughts flowed to my fear that we are a politically divided country where the flooding of propaganda and disinformation often blocks honest communication and collaboration. This division makes improving climate change as well as human rights extremely difficult. 

     With this in mind, I started a triptych of paintings on sheer white fabric measuring 40” x 54”. My long-time subject of waterfalls and their movement was my starting point. I feel we should be able to have a flow of understanding between opposing points of view where compassion, respect, integrity, and responsibility are valued. This aspiration is currently not the case in this country.


a creative process

   I set up a theatrical stage/booth using the white fabric paintings as my backdrops on the metal tri-fold screen. The black fabric panels are displayed on the front of the screen, creating an open space for action to occur between the two projects. I proceeded to take dramatic self-portraits within my paintings. Controlling the lighting from above and in front of the screen created an eerie illusion of depth. The series of photos brought the human figure into the abstract world of my waterfall paintings.

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