BC Robbins  

Art Studio

New work for your review

Imagine what it might be like under the waters of Kings Falls.  An original  video with hand-made dancing fish  was made for your enjoyment.  


Video Works

I began working and playing with video in 1982 and have never stopped.  I use video as an inexpensive way to document projects as well as explore the medium unto itself.  In 1999, while I was teaching a video production class, I gave an assignment to my students to pick-up their camera and be creative for at least five minutes a day.  I took on the challenge myself and have learned that  five minutes gets lost when you are doing something that you enjoy.  Its just getting past the "I'm too tired to do anything stage."  All through 1999, I documented moments of my life in my studio apt. and never missed a day.  I decided to continue this project and for the next six years I carried my camera with me everywhere capturing the passage of time.  The twelve monitors pictured above become my electronic patchwork quilt to share my moments captured.  My ongoing project is called timego.  The work pictured above is a video portrait of Kings Falls in upstate NY which is very close to my childhood home.